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Come and get your monthly tune up!

by Elizabeth Girard, MS, L.Ac.

Western Massachusetts Acupuncture

Almost all of my patients come in with physical symptoms that are exacerbated and sometimes caused by stress. Insomnia, blood pressure, migraines, neck/back pain these can all be traced back to stress. Anyone that has gone through a stressful period in their life knows that stress can manifest itself in the body as physical symptoms. Stress also causes us to make poor lifestyle choices, don’t have time to cook a meal, grab something on the go. Don’t have time or are too drained to exercise so watch TV. Need something to relax or shut off your mind, drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette. All of these lifestyle choices would be much easier to avoid if we didn't feel so stressed.

What if you had 25 minutes to just relax? No one bothering you, no one wanting anything from you other than you to be relaxed. That is what I provide at my office. I hope that my patients gain more from my treatments then just having 25 minutes of alone time but that in itself is a powerful healing tool. This time allows you to collect yourself, gain clarity and to slow down. We rush around all day long and then wonder why we can’t sleep at night or why our shoulders are so tense after a long day. We feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. I have seen firsthand that we are better parents, more efficient at work and a better human being if we take care of ourselves first. Sometimes just treating yourself to acupuncture once a month is all you need. It’s your body’s monthly tune up!

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