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Stop Putting a Band Aid on it!

by Elizabeth Girard, MS, L.Ac.

Western Massachusetts Acupuncture Blog

Do you take Advil or Tylenol more than once a week?
Are you popping tums or taking a laxative more than once a week?
Do you take medication for blood pressure and or type II diabetes?

Taking medication can often be like just putting a band aid over the problem. A good example of this is when someone gets a headache and they take a Tylenol. Is that Tylenol actually fixing what was wrong or “out of balance” within our bodies? What caused the headache in the first place? Possible causes could be hunger, dehydration, neck and shoulder tension, not enough sleep, and or anxiety/stress. Taking that Tylenol alone does not fix any of those causes. I’m not saying medication is not  necessary or that you shouldn't take it. What I am saying is fix the cause and hopefully you will be able to decrease or stop the medication all together (with the supervision of your physician). What I commonly see is we want easy quick fixes and if taking a pill helps, we stop there. Over time if you keep masking the causes and not treating the root of the problem they will develop into something harder or more serious to treat.

That’s why I love acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, a healthy diet, nutritional supplements and exercise. These are natural safe ways to treat the root of the problem. These modalities allow your body to be healthy and strong enough to fix imbalances which can prevent and treat disease. The best form of medicine is preventative. In China people don’t just use acupuncture when they are sick but get treatments regularly to prevent issues from even occurring. Remember our bodies are extremely intelligent and they let us know when something is off. Listen to your body and the clues it gives you, stop putting a band aid on it! 

If you have questions on this topic or would like some more information about Whole Body Healing, please feel free to contact me.

To Health, Healing and Happiness.


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