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Using Acupuncture to Treat Low Back Pain

by Elizabeth Girard, MS, L.Ac.

 Acupuncture for Back Pain

      Do you suffer from back pain? Well you are not alone! According to the NIH almost every person will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. This can range from a slight twinge that goes on for a couple days to chronic everyday pain.
    At Whole Body Healing, low back pain is the most common complaint that I treat patients for. For some people it’s just they slept wrong or lifted too much, other people have had multiple spinal fusions and surgeries and still no relief. I can say with confidence that in both cases 99% of patients will get some sort of relief from acupuncture. Some people feel results immediately and other people it can take a few sessions to notice a change. Acupuncture has an accumulative effect and each session builds on the next. The first session the pain relief may only last a few hours to a few days, the next session hopefully longer and so on. At my office I utilize both acupuncture and massage together. I often joke that my “perfume” is Tiger Balm because I use it so much when giving massages. (Tiger Balm is a topical liniment used for sore muscles.)

    Using Acupuncture for low back pain will help decrease the amount of medication you need to take in a safe natural way.

“I have been a patient for 4 months and love it, since beginning I haven't touched an Advil once. The whole experience was well worth it and my doctor was very patient and forthcoming.”

“Always a pleasure getting treatment at Whole Body Healing. I had a wonderful acupuncture session with one of the best and most focused massages afterwards. As I was getting dressed I realized that I had a massive increase in my range on motion. I will absolutely be going back again soon!”

If you suffer from low back pain or any painful condition, please feel free to contact me.

To Health, Healing and Happiness! 


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