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Who am I?

by Elizabeth Girard, MS, L.Ac.

Who am I?, Hello! In case you do not already know me, my name is Elizabeth Girard. I am a licensed acupuncturist, wife and mom to my beautiful daughter Adie. I love my profession and am very passionate about health in general. I always knew that I was going to be in the health field but never really expected to be an acupuncturist. I grew up in a small town and never even heard of acupuncture and Chinese medicine until I went away to college. Like many others in my field, I came to this medicine because of my own health issues. I saw how western medicine was very limited in treating my condition and had become frustrated. After ending up in the hospital for a short stay, I sought out alternatives and stumbled onto Chinese medicine. You can read more details of this on my website under “My Story”.

I have my masters in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and was lucky enough to attend one of the best school in the country. The school allowed for many fantastic and life changing opportunities. I volunteered in a hospice for over a year providing end of life care to terminally ill patients and their families. I have worked in free clinics for the homeless as well as private practices. Most recently I owned and operated, for 5 years, Whole Body Healing, in South Burlington Vermont. I provided in and out patient acupuncture treatments. I was even asked into large corporations to provide acupuncture in house to help decrease stress and work with smoking cessation. I have given lectures several times to UVM medical students and Fletcher Allen’s free community outreach programs.

When I am not at my office or being a mom and wife, I am always reading new research and continue to learn new things. I hope that my blog will provide some good information about health and inspire others to make necessary changes to their life. To health, healing and happiness!