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Getting Regular Acupuncture

by Elizabeth Girard, MS, L.Ac.

Getting regular acupuncture at whole body healing

" I go to acupuncture because it allows me to fully relax. I never know how stressed I am until I come here and notice how tense my body is." -MN

One of the things I find helpful about acupuncture is that it allows you to know your body and health better. At each visit I check in with my patients. This allows them to take a minute and actually feel how they are doing. We rush even push through our lives so quickly we hardly have a moment to take care of ourselves. Being a new mom, I now realize how easy it is to get stuck in bad habits to just get by. I find that acupuncture allows me to make healthy decisions. The less "in tuned" I am with my body the more likely I am to eat poorly, not exercise or take supplements etc. People that are looking to be overall more healthy and make serious lifestyle changes should have acupuncture and Chinese medicine in their health regimen. Acupuncture keeps your emotions balanced, which makes it easier to handle the stressors when they occur. Allowing your body to fully relax and shut down is almost like a reset button. Wouldn't it be great to have a reboot once a month? Patients that come in for regular acupuncture sessions (about once a month) get less colds, handle stress and change better, sleep more sound, have better memory function and have less aches and pain. Chinese herbs are also a great adjunctive treatment to help sustain the effects you get from acupuncture and to keep you healthy and happy!